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New Bigwall guidebook from Nanook!

Just got my “First Mate” level of support today. ┬áHere’s the post I made sharing this project on Facebook. I got a little sentimental while typing so forgive if you can.

No matter what some people’s personal feelings about Erik might be, this is a great opportunity to care about the way that the project can help other bigwallers and the community as a whole. Limbing, bolting, conflicts-of-interest, etc are valid discussions to be had but for me, I see topos as the very words we write about an experience on the wall that has changed each and every one of us. For me, allowing other more of an opportunity to begin to read the stories we write on the wall through lines, dashes, names, and numbers is the best way to share the life-changing experiences that are there on the wall waiting for anyone and everyone who is willing to let the seed these topos can plant grow.
Monkeys have always been solitary, weird, and confusing to the rest of the world. We like it that way. Sometimes though, the campfire can get a bit sparse and it doesn’t need to be that way.

Nanook’s (Erik Sloan) topos are amazing. Supporting this project is hugely important to bigwall climbing as a whole since up till now there’s only been supertopo’s bigwall book that contains only a (relative) few trade routes and the out of print Reid guide that is (understandably) out of date on many of the nonsupertopo’d routes.
Hopefully this book can get people on more obscure and new routes to not only spread out the wall climbers, but will finally allow new bigwallers to branch out and see more of what Yosemite has to offer bigwallers. The best experiences I’ve had as a bigwaller has been on less-travelled routes because those allow you more contact with the route itself instead of on trade routes where you end up having more contact with those that have climbed before you, often with less-than-acceptable practices.
I consider this project to be a way to open people’s eyes to possibility rather than the current state of Yosemite bigwalling which is more about inevitability on trade routes. Adventure is key to expanding yourself as a climber. Supporting this project is less about helping the big get published and more about helping new and old climbers see the possibility within themselves.
I find myself caring about so little these days; it’s nice to have someone like Erik and Roger Putnam put the initial effort in to opening up the ability to care about something that is imo, ┬áso important.

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